Best Deep Tissue Sports Massage Therapy Near Me

Best Deep Tissue Sports Massage Therapy Near Me
Best Deep Tissue Sports Massage Therapy Near Me

The purpose of sports massage is to prepare the athlete for peak performance. It alleviates muscle stress and tension, drains away fatigue, promotes flexibility and help prevents injury.

But you don’t have to be an athelete to benefit from St.Lucia Feng Shui Spa sports massage. Sports massage is also good for people with chronic pain or restricted range of motion.

It’s just like that pre-workout warm-up you’re supposed to do. You want your muscles to be pliable and your joints warmed up before your exercise.

Many injuries are brought about by overusing certain muscles. This can result in soreness, pain and inflammation.

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Best Deep Tissue Sports Massage Therapy Near Me focuses on the individual need of the athlete and is used before, during, and after athletic events.

Regularly scheduled sports massages can help reduce the likelihood of the muscles becoming overused in the first place and can also help reduce the initial inflammation that leads to injury.

How often should I get a Sports Massage?

That depends on several factors such as training volume and intensity, whether or not you have chronic pain or acute injury, and other factors.

For some athletes, a weekly massage gives huge results. Other athletes only get an occasional Sports Massage if they’re in pain.

Best Deep Tissue Sports Massage Therapy Near Me

The best way to reduce the effects of hard training is with regular Sports Massage at St.Lucia Spa Feng Shui. We suggest you try a series Sports Massages to see how you feel when the positive effects accumulate.

Then you’ll be able to decide how often you need a Sports Massage.

However, it is a fact that even getting massaged once a month regularly has long lasting positive impact.

Will Sports Massage help me extend my sports career?

Yes. The prominent cause of diminishing athletic ability with aging is due to years of microtrauma from maximum exertion coupled with the cumulative results of old unresolved injuries.

When Best Deep Tissue Sports Massage Therapy Near Me is used on a regular basis, the effects of these traumas are lessened.

The effects of injuries are overcome. The muscle tissues and facia remain supple and pliable much longer.

Our team of qualified massage therapists at St.Lucia Feng Shui Spa bring a wealth of experience and expertise in various forms of massage techniques such as:

Aromatherapy massage

Caribbean remedial combo massage

Hot stone massage

Feng Shui together couples massage

Indian head neck and back massage

Swedish massage

Deep tissue massage

You can be confident that we at St.Lucia Feng Shui Spa will use the techniques most appropriate for you, including the specialised practice of caribbean combo massage therapy.

Whatever you need for massage therapy, our experienced masseurs will tailor each session accordingly, based on your needs.

At the end of the first session our therapist will advise you if or how further treatments would benefit you.

So if you want to enable your body to push the limits in training, have been referred as part of a structured recovery programme, or just want to get rid of that troublesome niggle for good.

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