Purasleep synergel cool comfort memory foam mattress will ensure a good night’s rest so you wake up refreshed and ready for the busy day ahead.

There are health benefits of Purasleep synergel cool comfort memory foam mattress, sleeping on one of these mattresses can improve your sleep, your pain, your life.

Purasleep synergel cool comfort memory foam mattress reduces pressure points by evening out pressure over the entire body and sleep surface. Even side sleepers have less hip and shoulder pain by sleeping on Purasleep synergel cool comfort memory foam mattress. Purasleep synergel cool comfort memory foam mattress increases circulation, and therefore is great for people with arthritis or circulation issues.

Synergel cool comfort memory foam mattress also provides natural spinal alignment, and can relieve back and neck pain. Cool comfort memory foam mattress also aid in reducing motion transfer, which allows undisturbed sleep for both partners. These beds also last on average twice as long as innerspring mattresses, and have a much higher level of customer satisfaction.

A complaint that people have when they sleep on regular memory foam is that the mattress is too soft, and too conforming. While there are memory foam beds on the market that are firmer and quicker reaction, like Comforpedic, another option is gel. The addition of gel to memory foam often firms up the foam, and makes it less quicksand-like.

Gel is still highly conforming, and it does not change the pressure relieving quality of the foam, but it does PURASLEEP SYNERGEL COOL COMFORT MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS REVIEWkeep the sleeper more on top of the bed, rather than sinking into it. This makes the mattress easier to move around on, and can reduce the possibility of back strain, or muscle pain from trying to move on a very soft and conforming mattress.

The number one fear that people have regarding sleeping is that they are going to sleep hot. This was the purpose that gel was introduced into memory foam. Gel regulates temperature, by absorbing excess heat and storing it. That is infused with gel is cool to the touch, and remains cool throughout the night; it also increases air circulation. The health benefit is this: if you don’t get enough sleep, due to being warm, it can affect more than just your mood the next day.

You can lose energy, become lethargic, you are more likely to get sick and miss work. Often lack of sleep can cloud the brain, and make critical thinking impossible, and quick reaction s slower. Additionally, people who go an extended period with poor sleep are more susceptible to depression.

Purasleep synergel cool comfort memory foam mattress, like that used in Comforpedic mattresses, can make mattresses more appealing and wide-reaching. It takes away the top two complaints that people have of memory foam, and can allow more people to experience the support and pressure relief it provides. By making the foam firmer, and keeping the sleeper cooler, it improves the sleeping experience.

Purasleep Synergel Cool Comfort Memory Foam Mattress Features:

• Exceptional Triple-Layered Comfort and Support- 10″ thickness provides luxurious comfort
while allowing standard sheet sets to be used.

Comfort Layer consists of 1.5″ of premium high density 3.5 lb PuraGel Memory Foam for the SYNERGEL COMFORT MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS REVIEW
ultimate in enhanced cooling comfort, optimal performance and longevity. A 1.5″ transition
foam layer utilizing our unique proprietary Energex formula provides an added layer of
technologically advanced and unsurpassed support.

Our 7” Support Core Layer resists compression and ensures proper body alignment needed
for years of restful nights’ sleep.

Outstanding Quality – Unlike traditional memory foams, our memory foam maintains its shape
and silky feel over the life of the mattress. There is no “break in” period like Tempurpedic and other
memory foam mattresses. You will enjoy exceptional comfort beginning with your first night’s sleep.

Superior Support – PuraSleep memory foam conforms to your body and greatly reduces pressure
points, giving customized support where you need it and facilitating proper body alignment. Greater
comfort and support means less tossing and turning: you sleep better and wake feeling rejuvenated.

Breathable – Our open cell CoolFlow formulation significantly increases air circulation as compared
to standard memory foams, eliminating heat buildup and moisture retention.

Motion Free – Our energy absorbing foam construction greatly decreases motion transfer and
noticeably reduces sleep interruptions caused by movement in bed.

Eco Friendly – Our innovative “Green” technologies include the use of plant based renewable
materials in our formulations resulting in an earth friendly product. These technologies also allow our
products to be more easily recycled, leading to a lower carbon footprint.

Medical Proven Technology – Advanced therapeutic memory foam has been utilized in the
medical field for years and is proven to reduce pressure points, relieving pain in sensitive joints and
muscles and providing greater comfort for a better night’s sleep.

Anti-Microbial Protection – Built-in anti-microbial and hypoallergenic properties provide lasting
freshness and protect against known allergens such as mold, mildew, fungus and dust mites.

Hypoallergenic SofTouch cover.

Odor Minimizing – Proprietary state-of-the-art natural odor blocking materials are blended into
the foam itself which help to eliminate not only the chemical odors associated with traditional memory
foam products but also household and body odors.

Start enjoying optimum comfort with Purasleep synergel cool comfort memory foam mattress. Make every sleeping position your favorite position. Wake up feeling refreshed and pain free. Fall in love with bed time again.

Experience Pressure Relief You will find out the meaning of pressure relief because Purasleep synergel cool comfort memory foam mattress is so conforming, it will cushion your pressure points, while increasing your circulation.

Purasleep synergel cool comfort memory foam mattress is more durable and it lasts twice as long as the traditional mattress up to twenty five years. With traditional mattresses you have to worry at times about dust mites, bed bugs, mold, or mildew. But with memory foam you are worry free.